Boy Scouts of America

Troop 38

East Sparta, OH

Proudly Chartered Since 1937 by the East Sparta United Methodist Church




Troop 38 is now, more than ever, ready to “rough it” in the wild with their brand new Patrol Boxes! Scouters Jeffery Hare and Dan Stelluto spent over 250 hours during the past couple months constructing them, while Kathy Bradfield put the finishing touches on them with her paint brush and artists’ palette. Scoutmaster Michael Medley lent a hand too, as well as scouts Tanner and Joey Stelluto and Michael Hare. Funding for the materials was graciously donated by the Sandy Valley F.O.E. #3228.

One of the troop’s previous boxes constructed by Scouters Jan Yoho, John Lebold and Red Williams back in 1982 is still in service today over 25 years later. Jeff and Dan are hoping that the new boxes they built will serve the troop that long as well.

Thank you Troop 679 for the Design Plans


The assembly site

Cutting the pieces

The Stack of cut pieces grows

one of the many jigs

clamps anyone?

like watching paint dry

all assembled

adding varnish

inside, oustside, everywhere

the sterile varnish room

Call in the reinforcements.

Covered for the big presentation

The back of all the boxes.

Box 1 -- Cherokee Patrol

Box 2 -- The Leadership Patrol

Box 3 (The Notty Box) The Adult(reuter) Patrol

Box 4 -- The Eagle Patrol

Box 5 -- Frozen Phoenixes