Boy Scouts of America

Troop 38

East Sparta, OH

Proudly Chartered Since 1937 by the East Sparta United Methodist Church



Troop 38 began in May of 1937. Here are the scoutmasters that have served since.

1. Louis Rice    1937- 1942

2. Roy Butler    Helped in building the Camp Tuscazoar Swimming Pool.

3. Clarence Bakley     Led first Philmont Trip of 38

4. Vic Yoho     First Eagle Scout Nelson Keeney 1958

5. William Stokes

6. Don Hartzel 

7. Bill Reynolds

8. Carl (Bud) Fry

9. John Richards

10. Jan Yoho     1978-1982

11. Lester Reynolds 1983

12. Jan Yoho     1984-1986

13. Joe Seavers    1986-1987

14. Ernie VanFossen    1987-1988

15. Glen Mulvaney   1989

16. Gene Warber     1990

17. Dan Fetters

18. Bob Lahmers

19. Dan Fetters

20. Michael Medley 2002-2011

21. Ike Kuhns 2011 -

Being Scoutmaster is not a one man show. Through the years there have been many assistants that have given of their time and talents. This list will continue to grow as more help turns up. 

Alfred Moore Mike Farber Dick Wilson Mike Nutter
John Lebold Bill Bowman Virgil Broad Gavin Gray
Pete Riggs Ernie DeWees Stan Sickafoose Keith Geltmeier
Daniel Klotz Red Williams Sam Medley Ike Kuhns
Pam Wood Chuck Wood Dan Stelluto Dasha Medley
Mike Billig David Sheets Mike Nutter Jeff Hare






Yes, I have information about Troop 38's history.