Boy Scouts of America

Troop 38

East Sparta, OH

Proudly Chartered Since 1937 by the East Sparta United Methodist Church

Eagle Scouts
Historic Patches


Welcome to Troop 38's long history. The Unit has been chartered by the East Sparta United Methodist Church since May of 1937. There have been many scouts and scouters through the many years with a great number of fantastic scouting stories. Perhaps you have one of these such stories and would like to share it here online. Please email your story to the webmaster.

The Roadrunners- Klondike 1978

The Huskies- Klondike 1978

The Beavers- Klondike 1980

A historic troop flag

Notice the calvary shape.

Still going to Summer camp for Christmas in July

1941 East Sparta Annual

First Row: (left to right) Glenn Gamble, Vergil Reynolds, David Miller, Robert Witts, John Stephens, Richard Kinney, William Burnheimer, Edward Clinger, Tedd Finlayson, Charles Devine

Second Row: Mr. Rice, Ernest Murray, Stuart Rennie, Ertrust Pritchard, Donald Meyer, Paul Bungard, Edwin Weidman, Jack Yockey, Elmer Gamble

Summer Camp 1982

Summer Camp 1983

BACK ROW: (Left to right) Stan Sickafoose, Greg Alberry, Howard Lutz, Larry Moore, Kevin Williams, Brian Dye, Kevin Van Fossen, Chuck Schneider, Dennis Yoho, Mike Faverty, David Spitler, Rusty Williams, Joe Crone, Jamie Anstine, Greg Riggs, Danny Stelluto, Scoutmaster Jan Yoho, Pete Riggs

FRONT ROW: Mike Mosberger, Paul Mosberger, Chris Gadd, Danny Selby, Greg Mercier, Corky Munn, Kevin Auvil, Joel Reynolds, Rusty Miller, Kevin Faverty, Mike Mulvaney, Matthew Porter

Summer Camp 1984

Summercamp 1986

Last year at Camp Tuscazoar

Summer Camp 1999

Sumercamp 2000

2004 Summer camp picture